Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Missy Reagan turns 5

Reagan on her birthday morning ready to open her presents. I believe she had just opened the new "Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Peter Pan Returns" movie from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jennifer which explains the enormous smile on her face. 
 Missy K wanted a picture with her big 5 year old sister. :)
Meanwhile Jackson was enjoying cookies for breakfast with Grammy.
Tim made a special shopping trip a couple of weeks before Reagan's birthday in search of a game he had been talking about getting her for a while. Yes, it's what every 5 year old little girl dreams of, Stratego, "the Classic Game of Battlefield Strategy." This totally cracks us up, but he was apparently right and she loves playing the game with him. I'm just glad Tim has a willing audience to play these games with and our children are getting old enough so I don't have to anymore! lol :)
Reagan received money from both sets of grandparents this year and this was very much appreciated! We have put it in her savings account for college which will be much more beneficial than more toys. Thank you all so much for your generous gifts!
As well as her American Girl Doll, Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott gave Reagan a large lego set. She was clearly quite excited and she and Tim have been working on putting it altogether. You can also see a large wad of gum in her mouth. This is because 5 is the magic number at our house for chewing gum and she received an entire gift bag of all types of gum.
Since it was a special morning we let Missy K have a piece of gum too and she of course chose a green piece. Silly girl!
Uncle Scott and Aunt Arla sent a really neat present for Reagan in the mail (and Uncle Scott made sure it would arrive on Reagan's birthday). It was a big box filled with balloons which each had a birthday message inside. It was so sweet and Reagan had the best time popping the balloons and reading all the special messages from two of her favorite people in the world. Thank you so much for such a unique and thoughtful gift!

 Anna gave Reagan a best friends necklace (the kind that is divided so they each have half of the heart). I think these pictures say it all. They totally melt my heart!

I usually make a post about the kids developmental milestones at their birthday. Since I just did that last week to finish up the old blog, I'm not going to do it again so soon. I would like to say we love our Missy Reagan very much and feel blessed to have such spirited, intelligent and beautiful little girl as our daughter!

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