Sunday, May 20, 2012

Berries On Brian Station - Week 2

Visiting the farm to pick up more fresh vegetables and see how everything was growing seemed to fit right into our science theme for the week as well. As always, the kids had a fabulous time checking everything out, especially the chickens. Farmer Erik showed them how they could pick grass and clover for the chickens. Then he showed them a special space in the chicken wire to feed them. All three kids had a fabulous time feeding the chickens and the chickens came running as soon as they realized what we were up too.

 Jackson was determined to get his grass through the chicken wire all by himself
 Jackson loves Good Boy
 Farmer Erik gave both the girls beautiful flowers for their hair

 Missy K with "chicken feed" in hand
 Farmer Erik showing the girls how to use a blade of grass between your hands as a whistle (look at those blackberry bushes behind them - I can't wait to be enjoying those!!!)
 Jackson loves cats too! He gets so excited everytime he sees one of our cats as well. I think Jackson is going to be our animal lover because he goes nuts over any animal he sees everytime he sees them.

 When we got home I made "ants on a log" from the fresh celery we had picked up from the farm for a snack. Reagan came up with her own concoction and decided she wanted "ants on the ground" instead. 
 Kennedy wanted a super huge "ants on a log" snack to enjoy

We're loving our fresh local produce!

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