Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jewish Harvest Muffins

Chapter 6 of Story of the World is titled "The Jewish People." One of the book recommendations for the week was "Dance, Sing, Remember: A Celebration of Jewish Holidays" by Leslie Kimmelman (Harper Collins Juvenile Books, 2000). The book discussed all the Jewish holidays as well as games and recipes that were associated with each holiday. A recipe for "Harvest Muffins" was provided in association with Sukkot, a harvest holiday. Even though it's not a harvest time of year this recipe looked so yummy we had to try it out. We were right, it was super good! The recipe did call for quite a few ingredients (12 to be exact), however...
 Reagan grating carrots
 Kennedy decided she wanted to assist too (although she was very particular about what ingredients she would add)
 Adding the carrots and apples
 Kennedy was more than happy to help Reagan add the chocolate chips :)
 Reagan with a baked Harvest Muffin
 Jackson loved these muffins so much he ate 3!
Because of the number of ingredients (not to mention chopping and grating that was involved) I wasn't sure I would want to bake these muffins again. After looking at these pictures, however, I'm thinking maybe I do need to make a copy of this recipe before returning the book to the library!

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