Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott Visit

Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott came to visit us the second weekend in April. They arrived on Aunt Arla's birthday so we had some very special cupcakes (Gigi's) to celebrate with her. These cupcakes are at least as much icing as they are cupcake. They are super yummy and extremely sweet!

 I guess Aunt Arla decided since it was her birthday she would bring everyone else birthday presents. Since Jackson discovered his love of basketball Easter weekend they gave him a small basketball hoop. He loves it and Daddy loves not having to pick him up for every goal!

 Aunt Arla gave Kennedy the 2011 American Girl Doll from Hawaii. She is beautiful and Kennedy has informed me that we need to take her on our Disney Cruise (and her pink blanket too).
 Reagan received Maria Grace for her birthday present.
 Reagan had to run and get Cecille (Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott gave her to Reagan for Christmas)right away since she and Marie Grace are best friends. :)
 Mendelssohn claimed a basket Aunt Arla brought as his own
 Aunt Arla also gave the kids some super cute new bath towels (puppy, cat and owl - the owl is my favorite). I'm not sure why we were flopped back in bed but Aunt Arla captured this cute picture of us after bathtime.
 Missy K snuggling with her favorite Uncle Scott
 Daddy was working late and Aunt Arla was feeling ill so Uncle Scott read the girls bedtime stories while I put Jackson to bed Friday evening.
Thank you so much for coming to visit! You all are entirely too generous but we appreciate everything you do for us! We are extrmely fortunate to have you in our lives! We can't wait to see you again Memorial Day weekend!

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