Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Berries on Bryan Station Farm

As I mentioned on our old blog we found a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm to become involved with this summer. As well as fresh vegetables and fruit from May-October, we have been enjoying fresh eggs. The kids love visiting the farm and seeing the chickens. Last week was our first trip to the farm to do an actual vegetable pickup but we still had to stop and see the chickens. The chickens usually roam around the farm but right now they're caged because Farmer Erik says they love strawberries and they are not free to eat their fill of those yummy treats!
 Jackson can not get enough of the chickens!!!
 Reagan and Kennedy think they're pretty cool too
 Our next stop was the barn where we had the opportunity to taste some of those yummy strawberries the chickens were banned from eating. All three kids were glad the chickens hadn't been given the opportunity to gobble up the strawberries!
 The only thing Jackson might love more than Grammy and chickens is strawberries! lol :)
 I'm being serious... the only way I could get Jackson to agree to get in the van and leave the farm in a peaceful way was to bribe him with another strawberry. Then he happily got into his seat to enjoy another delicious treat. Yum!
I'm looking forward to enjoying all the wonderful produce from the CSA this summer! The kids can't wait for weekly farm visits, regardless of whether or not we come home with anything, unless of course Farmer Erick gives us a chicken or more strawberries, then life in the Lueker household would be pretty close to perfect! I wonder what our HOA would make of chickens... Maybe we can move them into Cooper's house!?!?! lol :)

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