Friday, May 18, 2012

Woodland Park

We met some of our BHLC friends at Woodland Park on Monday morning. I don't think I've ever had my camera along when we've played at this park before, but Reagan refers to it as the "purple playground" because of the colorful play equipment (which I still didn't manage to get a picture of somehow). I was worried about the weather but the rain held off and it turned out to be great because we had both the skate park and playground entirely to ourselves.
Missy K was coming along oh so slowly so Travis rode out to meet her and encourage jer to keep going. They were so cute together! :) 
 Racing thru the puddles together - I love action shots!
 Missy K is truly my daughter (in college one of my best friends nicknamed me Puddles because I was always trying to convince people to come jump in the puddles with me). Kennedy had the best time repeatedly jumping in all the puddles she could find and especially this big one.

 As I was taking the pictures of Missy K Travis came tearing down the skate ramp (accidentally). Talk about an action shot!!! lol :) Amazingly he hopped right up and went right on playing. What a sport! :)
 Maddie looks like such a pro on her scooter!
 Maddie and Travis were so sweet corralling Jackson and keeping him from running too far away. Jackson thought it was hilarious to run around with the big kids.

 Missy K wanted me to take this picture of her eating a snack
 Nothing like enjoying a good snack with a friend :)
 Missy Reagan wasn't feeling the best that morning but she eventually decided to try out Kennedy's favorite puddle too.
 Seeing all the big kids in the puddle finally convinced Jackson to give it a try

 We found these enormous leaves when we went over to the playground. Kennedy took them to share with Reagan since she wasn't feeling well.

 This was a very brave little squirrel. He kept coming all the way up to Jackson's shoes and then would dash back. I'm sure he was looking for food and as Kelly pointed out he's probably seen enough people at the park to realize Jackson was his best bet for a quick and easy meal.
 Missy K was excited when a ladybug landed on her shoulder
 Since Jackson didn't come thru with a meal for this squirrel while we were playing on the playground he helped himself to Travis and Maddie's graham crackers!
 We all ran after the squirrel and watched him run up the tree with the graham cracker and enjoy every bit of his stolen treasure. Then I heard a sweet little voice behind me calling for the squirrel. I turned around to see Kennedy had run back to our bag and pulled out a package of peanut butter crackers and a couple of bananas to share with the squirrel. Unfortunately for Kennedy the squirrel no longer felt any need to perform or be sociable. lol :)
 While watching the squirrel, Reagan found another little bug on a leaf.
 Poor, poor Jackson... he stood and stood under the tree holding up this cracker waiting for the squirrel to come back down and enjoy another snack. I guess life is all about timing! lol :) Next time we go I'll have to arm Jackson with crackers to begin with!
 Reagan and Maddie riding back to the cars
 Missy K wanted to be included in the picture too so I took one more of all three sweet girls
Thank you for the park invite! We had a great time! We had never tried the skate park before but that was so much fun! We'll be headed back here in the future to have lots more fun!

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