Monday, May 7, 2012

Church Easter Egg Hunt

The Saturday morning before Easter our church had an Easter Egg hunt. It was the morning after all the kids spent the night at Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Dan's house. When we got to their house Jackson was sitting on the couch eating a chocolate crepe with the big kids pleased as punch with himself. He barely noticed we had arrived. I wish I had been able to snap a picture of him sitting there because it was precious! After we finished breakfast we headed to St. John's for the egg hunt. Here's a picture of most of the crew ready to find some eggs!
 And they're off!
 Holden has his game face on again...
 Jackson had a blast looking for eggs
 Much to the delight of the small children around him he picked up his basket and dumped it entirely out on the ground.
 This picture doesn't show it, but he had quite a few volunteers help him clean up his eggs (into their own baskets of course)
 It was all good with Jackson as long as he still had chocolate to enjoy! :)
 The girls with their share of the 1500 eggs Pastor Jackson said the youth group hid

 Kennedy had so many eggs she had to devise a new way to carry her basket in order to prevent them from all toppling out. lol :)
 Checking out the loot
 After the egg hunt was over the kids enjoyed playing on the playground together. The boys didn't make it easy to get a good picture of them but they sure had fun playing on the helicoptor.

 All 5 kids doing a great job of cooperating for a group picture :)
Thanks for joining us for a fun morning! :)

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