Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Kid's 1st Movie Day

The week before Memorial Day Tim went to DC for training. On Sunday afternoon after he left for his flight the kids and I decided we would go to the $1 theatre (or $2 theatre as the case may be :). I use to baby-sit for a family who introduced me to the idea of "movie days." You have to go to at least two (preferably three) movies in a single day to qualify. We had taken Jackson to the "Lorax" previously and he did so well I thought it might be worth seeing if he would sit thru two movies. It was actually the first time any of the kids had been to two movies in the same sitting so I really wasn't sure how it would go (especially by myself). We saw the "Lorax" again as well as the "Secret World of Arrietty" and all three kids were awesome! Here are the girls with their large popcorn and cherry coke (our movie drink of choice). Kennedy likes the booster seats they provide for little kids to see the movies better.
 I couldn't manage a picture of all three kids by myself at the theatre so I had to take a picture of Jackson when we got home. He is such a "Coca Cola" boy! Coca Cola is one of the things he says most clearly. lol :) He loves these enormous cups of coke!
 Jackson agreed to hold up all the tickets for me to show off our movie day success! :)
I know we were lucky to find two movies the kids would all three be interested in at the same time but I am excited that they're getting old enough to do these types of activities with. I miss those tiny babies but having bigger kids is lots of fun too! :)

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