Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cincinnati Zoo Fieldtrip

Aunt Dorothy invited us to spend a day at the Cincinnati Zoo with them the beginning of April. It was the first time we had visited the Cincinnati Zoo and we had a fabulous time! Here's our fearless crew during a lunch/snack break.
 The tulips were absolutely incredible. There were so many colors and they were so spectacular. The girls enjoyed checking them out while we were waiting for our tickets to get into the zoo.
 Reagan decided our first stop should be the elephants

 Then we headed over to the giraffes where we were just in time to feed them. Jackson was so excited about how close they were coming while we were waiting. He was ready to go when it was his turn with just a little assistance from Reagan.

 On our way to the rhinos (which we never actually got to see)  we were stopped by some zoo volunteers who asked if the girls would like to use these telescopes to see different animals. I think Reagan eventually got the hang of it but Kennedy mostly just smushed her face, eyes closed no less, against the lense. It was a good effort though!
 We spotted a very active polar bear so we made a detour to see it and caught up with Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden there.
 We continued on with them to see the lion demonstration. This was very interesting as we were able to learn a little bit about lions while getting to watch them being fed. Heidi posed so nicely for me by the lions.

Jackson appears to share Kennedy's fascination with snakes
Jackson also loved this baby alligator (or crocodile?) and insisted on petting it. While I couldn't snap a picture of him petting it (I was holding him and somehow I'm just not quite that talented) I was able to get pictures of Heidi and Holden petting this little reptile.

All the kids couldn't wait to take the train around the zoo. This was one highly anticipated activity!!!
Sweetest picture of the day, no doubt!
Jackson LOVED the petting zoo with all the goats and sheep. He could not get enough of petting them and letting them lick him. I have included some of my favorites here but I have dozens more! :)

The girls enjoyed the petting zoo with Jackson but Holden was off to the playground with Uncle Dan where we joined him before too long.

Definitely the cutest little turtle in the zoo!
One wiped out little girl! :)
Thank you so much for inviting us along for this super fun day Aunt Dorothy! We definitely need to go back!
As a side note, by purchasing the tickets through the BHLC I only had to pay $10 for our 4 tickets. What a deal!!!
Additionally, not long before our zoo field trip our homeschooling friends, the Little Professors, visited the National Zoo. They were able to print and take some really neat learning games with them to the zoo. I looked at the Cincinnati Zoo webpage to see if they had the same sort of activities but couldn't find anything. Next time I'll be more on my toes and create my own activity cards to take along for more zoo fun and learning! In the meantime, you can check out ideas for your own zoo trip and what the Little Professors worked on during their zoo visit at .

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  1. Thanks for the mention : ). Look like you all had a blast! Jackson is alot braver than my guys, who wanted nothing to do with feeding animals last I checked : )