Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peter Pan Cake Pops

Reagan wanted a Peter Pan party and cake. She did not want Tinkerbell and her fairy friends.
She did not want Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake/party. She wanted the one and only Peter Pan. Here is my very determined birthday girl with her Peter Pan cake.
I'm really now sure how or when her fascination with Peter Pan began, but it was certainly problematic given that Peter Pan isn't an "in" toy/theme right now. I also wasn't sure why she was so completely against including Tinkerbell, which would have made my life considerably easier. After a while it occurred to me she might not be associating Tinkerbell with Peter Pan since fairies are a world unto themselves these days. Isn't it funny how things can change so much from one generation to the next that something as simple as who Tinkerbell's best friend is could cause so much confusion and miscommunication? That's some food for thought in regards to what else Reagan and I might not be clearly communicating about. Anyway, once that occurred to me, we bought a book and got a couple from the library to try and make the connection between Tinkerbell and Peter Pan and that did seem to help some.
Having said that, her Peter Pan cake was nearly the end of me. Reagan had something very specific in mind which she could not explain to me. We went round and round over what it was she wanted and finally she saw a picture of cake pops and thought they looked like they would fit the bill. Praise the Lord!!! This was my first attempt at making cake pops but I think they turned out nicely (well, I'm not sure about Neverland, but I think I could do some great Truffle Trees if anyone wants a Dr. Suess Lorax party!). Thankfully Reagan was thrilled with her cake pops and Peter Pan figurines I had to especially order to complete the cake. What a relief!!! Thank you to Karoline for all her advice during the preparation stage.  
 Our crew getting ready for pizza and then cake pops
 Jackson and Holden begin such big boys at the big boys table :)
 Reagan blowing out her candles

 Jackson enjoying his cake pop - we had both chocolate and white cake
 Ally and Ms. Tiff
 Reagan and 3 of her BFFs, Anna, Heidi and Aliza
 Reagan handed out her party favors from a treasure chest
 We asked that everyone make donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or their own favorite charity instead of bringing Reagan gifts. We are so blessed with so many things and knew we really didn't need anymore toys. We told people if they wanted to bring cards and share a "happy thought" with Reagan for her Peter Pan party that would be wonderful. Reagan received many thoughtful and beautiful cards from her friends. Reagan's violin teacher, Ms. Bethany, and her daughter, Evie, created a "Happy Thoughts" list using each letter of Reagan's name. It was really neat and we have it displayed in her room now.

Thank you everyone for sharing your "Happy Thoughts" and making Reagan's birthday so special!!! :)

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  1. I'm glad it all turned out in the end! I have to say I LOL at some of your thoughts on the process of making the cake pops. : )