Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seed Experiment

The "Seeds Sprout!" book had a science experiment recommendation we decided to try out. During the course of the book there was a discussion on the coats of seeds. The coats need to soften in order for the seeds to sprout. The experiment was to soak some seeds in warm water for an hour and then compare their growth with seeds which had not been placed in water. We decided to try this experiment with watermelon and pea seeds.
 Here the girls are removing the seeds from the water to place in damp paper towels. We also placed dry seeds in damp paper towels.
 All three kids checking out the results on Day 2. The watermelon seeds had done nothing. The soaked pea seeds looked like that might be in the beginning stages of sprouting but it was a little difficult to tell.
 By Day 3 there was no doubt regarding the peas (although the watermelon seeds had still done nothing)
 Examining the results
 On the left are the dry peas while on the right are the seeds which had been soaked. Clearly the soaked peas won the race!

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