Monday, May 28, 2012

"Fun Math"

Since our posts have been primarily focused on our Story of the World activities lately I thought I would post a couple of other things we do.
Along with our our Kumon math workbooks we use this Hands-On Standards book and manipulatives for our math work. The girls refer to this as "Fun Math." It does tend to be easier than the workbooks and they love using manipulatives during a lesson and then playing with them afterwards.
There have been several especially creative ideas lately for addition and subtraction. I know I have more pictures of different math lessons but I can't figure out where I saved them... The pictures below used grasshoppers from our colored bug manipulatives to hop forward and backward on number lines. The girls had a great time adding and subtracting as well as making up stories for each other on how many spaces each others grasshoppers needed to travel.  
There were a couple of times when Kennedy had a little trouble going one space at a time so Reagan helped her out a bit.
We did several activities with various manipulatives to discuss the concept of whole/part math. One afternoon we decided to use one of the girl's favorite snacks to help us out. I setup the problem using Goldfish and they wrote the numbers and symbols below the fish to solve the problem.
The girls enjoy the standards book because it has numerous creative ideas for learning preschool and kindergarten math skills for each topic/concept. I like it because it makes me feel confident we're not missing skills! :) Both of these are good reasons I need to make a better effort at using this on a consistent basis instead of just a fill in on days we have time for an extra activity.

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