Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kennedy's Pierced Ears

Aunt Julie asked if they could get Reagan's ears pierced for her 5th birthday. I told her I thought it was fine but I wasn't sure if Reagan would be interested. Sure enough, Reagan didn't want to have anything to do with it but Missy K thought it was a wonderful idea. Daddy wasn't sure Kennedy was old enough (he was actually pretty funny suggesting that we just go ahead and put her in some beauty pageants or wondering if we should let her get a tatoo while we were at it lol) but with a little bit of convincing we headed over to Claire's after we finished up with the Easter Egg Hunt. Here's Missy K having her ears prepared and marked.
 I forgot my wallet (you had to show id) in the van so despite Daddy's objections to the entire process he was the one who had to fill out the permission forms.
 Here they go!
 Missy K with her new Hello Kitty earings! She was so tough and didn't cry at all! Reagan was so impressed with Kennedy's bravery that she promptly declared Kennedy is now the boss even though she's only 3. lol :)

 A very happy and proud Missy K with Aunt Julie
It has been 5 weeks since Kennedy had her ears pierced and she still begins nearly every conversation with everyone she sees with "I got my ears pierced!" or "Look at my Hello Kitty earings!" If by some chance Kennedy doesn't point them out, Reagan nearly always does. As impressed as Reagan has been with Kennedy, however, she still has no interest in having her own ears pierced. Such silly girls!
Thank you Aunt Julie and Uncle Chuck for such a special and fun treat!


  1. Congratulations Kennedy! What a big girl! : ) I had to wait till I was 8!

  2. That's hilarious that Reagan said that Kennedy is the boss now! Way to go, Kennedy!

  3. It was pretty funny especially since Reagan immideately began giving Kennedy instructions on exactly how to be the boss...