Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Grammy and Grand-Dad have a large yard that is wonderful for my three little outdoorsmen to explore. We had a busy Monday morning enjoying the beautiful weather and discovering a number of insects. Reagan's first find was this little moth.
 Reagan found a place she deemed safe to let it go

 I'm not sure who found the next insect but it was an enormous fuzzy caterpillar!

 Nearly as long as Grammy's finger!
 My little adventurer wandering excitedly through the woods
 Daddy and Jackson enjoyed reading some good books on the outdoor swing
Reagan found a ladybug and brought it to Jackson to see

Missy K giving Aunt Jen one of her amazing big hugs. She ran to the bottom of the driveway in preparation of her big hug delivery. You can see the white dot running in the distance towards Aunt Jen.
Boss decided Kennedy's not the only one who can give big hugs. He knocked Aunt Jen over long before Missy K ever reached her.
Luckily Aunt Jen had just enough time to recover before receiving the long awaited big hug!!!
Thank you for such a fun morning everyone! :)

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